Super Fly Guy

A friend from college who I did the final year project with just sent me the link to the video of the game we made together. Looks pretty cool! I posted a video of it before but this looks a lot better. We made the motion controllers using accelerometers just before the Wii came out, we could have been billionaires!

Some Stuff, Wotsits and Thingy’s from Zefrank

I’m subscribed to the Ted Talks podcast, so every couple of nights I watch one of the talks in bed. And as much as I love them in general, I have to be honest, I’m getting really bored with the environmental ones lately. There’s only so many you can listen to. I scrolled past ten of them last night and then saw the name Zefrank which made me smile and I didn’t stop smiling until it was over, you gotta love a bit of Zefrank.

If the video doesn’t appear in your feed, you can watch it here:

DJ Bass video mashup

Remember the legendary DJ Bass from the Dublin Funk Collective way way back? He’s living in Las Vegas these days but here’s a recent video mashup he did. Good to see he’s still at it to some degree. Black eyed peas never sounded better!

Speaking of DJing, when I was moving recently I ended up rooting through my box of tapes from the attic and recorded/uploaded a few of mine. Might record upload other DJ’s at some stage. Here’s my 3:

April ’96 – lot’s of Detroit stuff, and non-banging techno

KissFM mix – Mix done for Keith Downey’s Pscyhonavigation show – quite chilled abstract techno / IDM / whatever you call it thee days

Al’s party – bit rough and ready, was just recorded at a friends party some night.

Recorded lots more but the quality was quite shit.

When worlds collide

Bill O’Reilly is one of the most detestable characters I’ve ever come across. Surely you’ve seen him being a total dick about an autocue, or being hostile to many guests. See this clip from Outfoxed for a prime example. I’ve seen many more like it. He’s a vile bullying pathetic excuse for a human who managed to get some power. Now I just stumbled across my hero Dawkins being interviewed by him. It’s like my love/hate worlds have collided, though O’Reilly just about manages to be civil, so there’s nothing majorly exciting about the clip. Though I love Dawkin’s little laugh at the idea that tides couldn’t possible be explained by anything other than a deity.

Pork and Beans

No doubt this will be the most memed video ever, Weezer’s latest video features, nothing but memes, marketing genius.

New Graffiti animation from Blu

Blu has released a new stop-motion graffiti animation. Each frame of this would stand up as decent graffiti. Yet its also an animation. Which is fairly amazing. I originally posted about Blu on my Graffiti 2.0 post and there’s some footage from the first one mixed in to this much bigger piece:

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Speaking of graffiti, apparantly this wounded Celtic Tiger is somewhere around Dublin. Anyone see it?