Super Fly Guy

A friend from college who I did the final year project with just sent me the link to the video of the game we made together. Looks pretty cool! I posted a video of it before but this looks a lot better. We made the motion controllers using accelerometers just before the Wii came out, we could have been billionaires!

Images of the day

I might have uttered similar mutterings before; people always talk about blogs in terms of the quality of writing and other such piffle that we won’t bother ourselves with today. A lot of my favourite blogs contain few words, and lot’s of other cool media, mostly photos and images but often videos and bits and pieces. I see some great images every day. Here’s a few great ones that popped in to my feed reader just in the last day or so. And funnily enough, not one of them is from the many great photoblogs I’m subscribed to.



Laura Byrne / Joe Coleman


Three word phrase


A US soldier patrols in a pomegranate orchard in Afghanistan


Shadow Kissing




Wet ‘n’ Wild


My son James


*Not listening*


The pain of watching non geeks use a computer…


3 Frames




I went out and about last year during one of those culture nights. I just looked it up and the next one is in preparation for next month. See last year, I ended up at a small exhibition by John O’Reilly and I’ve have keeping up with his blog ever since. Check it out:

I love his work. Recognisably local, very urban, and done in a style that works really well for the subject matter. I think he has a bit of a graffiti background. Great stuff. I just wish I could afford to buy paintings!

I don’t know why so many people paint all the twee parts of Dublin. I can’t stand that stuff. Well I’m sure there are more that don’t paint that kind of stuff but it sure fills Merrion Square every week. Gimme some urban! Innit!? Oi oi.


With some rare free time to kill, I went to see this on a whim. Really wish I’d hung around the IFI another twenty minutes to see Dogtooth. But I’d already been hanging around a bit and I like anything to do with painting so I went to see Nightwatching, based around Rembrandt’s masterpiece.

I sure knew the name Peter Greenaway but couldn’t exactly place it. Then from the very first scene I realised it had to be the same guy who made The Cook, The Thief, The Wife and His lover (which I loved). Both are very theatrical, very well staged, broad panoramas, and slightly otherwordly.

Similar to the only other movie I’ve seen based around a painting, The Girl with a Pearl Earring, many of the scenes are like moving paintings. Tables adorned with fruit and shimmering crystal, and poised gentle folk laden in shadowed velvet. Very effective cinema in itself and it could have been great. But I can’t remember the last time I was so bored in a cinema. I couldn’t wait for it to end. After a lifetime, though it may have been an hour, a story began to appear and I realised why I was so bored, before the story it seemed like one random scene after another. But it didn’t get much better. I couldn’t care less when someone died, even though the music told me I really should care.

Riddle me this. If most of the cast, who are based on people from Amsterdam, speak with strong English accents, then why did one of the women have a very strong Dutch accent? What the hell does that mean? Is she über dutch? Confusingly inconsistent. And Martin Freeman was as good as could be. But his accent was so regional he might as well have been back in Slough wearing his office suit. It made some scenes appear like comedy sketches, albeit very well lit ones with great set design. Odd casting, or directing, or something.

I’d usually mull over the credits respectfully, but the second THE END appeared I was outta there, trying to get past people who were mulling over the credits respectfully and annoyed at my interference. Was very surprised I was the only one in such a rush to get away from it all. Lazy cliches to follow but I really found it to be terribly boring self-indulgence; a pale imitation of Greenway’s better work.

Hold your Horses!

Nice video by Hold your Horses! recreating some classic paintings. Can you spot them all? The two paintings I don’t recognize are in the screengrabs below the video. Any takers?

Print fun

The Missus had her 40th a couple of weeks ago and I had a bit of fun designing and printing a few things for the party. Got a bit carried away actually, it was almost like a branded event in the end. I did invitations, a kid’s t-shirt, a window decal, stickers and a bib! Mostly via cafepress.