Finding that sweet spot between business goals and user needs

John Braine - UX Designer
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Colleague Recommendations

I have had the pleasure of working with John on several projects during our time together at Sonru. I have always found him to be the ultimate professional, an effective communicator, and always seeking to add value to any interaction. I have learned so much from him, and his approach to any issue has taught me a better way to go about finding solutions for my clients. John has always been generous with his time and knowledge and always is a team player. On a personal level, he is personable and positive and a great addition to any team event whether in or out of work. I wish him the very best and I will really miss working with him

Triona WinterCustomer Success Manager

I worked with John for almost 4 years in different projects and improvements in Sonru. He produced clean and professional UX designs that really simplified usability and also made a big impact in Sonru applications. Whenever we worked together he was always approachable and open to suggestions from myself and other engineers, making it easy to work in collaboration with him. I really recommend him.

Rafael OshiroSenior Developer

I've worked with John for three years and can honestly say it has been a pleasure, both on a professional and personal level. John is a focused UX designer and team player - able to identify and communicate effectively with all stakeholders while understanding what the customer wants vs needs to make them successful. We have worked together closely on new features and with our Enterprise accounts and I always found him to be very approachable, professional and courteous. John has a wonderful ability to look at all the options and turn a complex problem into a clear set of requirements.

Marisa BarronManger of Client Success Team

John has been great to work with. He is very professional and very good at what he does. He has always been available to help the development team when it was required. I will happily recommend him whenever I have the opportunity.

Lucas MinissaleSoftware Engineer

It was an absolute pleasure working with John for three years. We worked on some projects together and I couldn't ask for a better professional to work with. He is always positive and his attention to details are unreal. I am thankful to have had the experience of working with John. Whoever gets to have him on board will most certainly feel the same.

Catarine Cipriano DiasClient Success Manager

I worked with John from the technical side as part of the product engineering team. While we didn't work closely on many projects we did interact on a regular basis. I always found John to be one of the natural leaders within our group. John was very much a team play and would often be the person that would go and get things done for the group. John always provided useful and insightful input when called upon to express his point of view. His design and UX expertise speak for themselves. Overall I found John to be a great asset to the team both from a technical standpoint and from team cohesion perspective. I would recommend him as a great addition to any group

Joe PowerDevops Manager

My Process

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Stakeholder & User Workshops
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design patterns
Problem Solving
  • Pencil & Paper Wireframing
  • User flow charts
  • Low Fidelity, black & white, Highly Interactive prototyping
  • Ongoing stakeholder feedback
Design & Build
  • Hi fidelity prototypes or Design library reference
  • Lightweight Feature Documentation
  • Working with engineer to finalise build
  • Working with QA team on technical testing & user testing
Release Management & User Feedback
  • Release to early adopters
  • Internal company wide demo / Q&A
  • Ongoing user testing
  • Working with CSM & Marketing teams on release plan
  • Feature announcement & onboarding (with Userlane)
  • Implement feedback changes
  • Full release