Images of the day

I might have uttered similar mutterings before; people always talk about blogs in terms of the quality of writing and other such piffle that we won’t bother ourselves with today. A lot of my favourite blogs contain few words, and lot’s of other cool media, mostly photos and images but often videos and bits and pieces. I see some great images every day. Here’s a few great ones that popped in to my feed reader just in the last day or so. And funnily enough, not one of them is from the many great photoblogs I’m subscribed to.



Laura Byrne / Joe Coleman


Three word phrase


A US soldier patrols in a pomegranate orchard in Afghanistan


Shadow Kissing




Wet ‘n’ Wild


My son James


*Not listening*


The pain of watching non geeks use a computer…


3 Frames




Robot, originally uploaded by jbraine.

Test post for posting to WordPress directly from Flickr. Was driving me crazy getting this set up. If you have trouble getting this working this might be the problem:

Go to wordpress Settings page > Writing, then select the checkbox beside “enable XML-RPC”.

Print fun

The Missus had her 40th a couple of weeks ago and I had a bit of fun designing and printing a few things for the party. Got a bit carried away actually, it was almost like a branded event in the end. I did invitations, a kid’s t-shirt, a window decal, stickers and a bib! Mostly via cafepress.




Costa Rican Ricky

I was going to do a quick Photo Friday post and had a look through my flickr and came to this one:

Honeymoon 109b

But every photo has a story. That’s Ricky on the right, and his apprentice on the left. Ricky is a guide. He brought us through a Costa Rican jungle pointing out different insects, birds and animals. What you can eat, what can eat you, that kind of thing. Our very own Ray Mears. I absolutely loved it. Great day. The highlight of the honeymoon. Here’s some more pics from that day:

Honeymoon 002

Honeymoon 003

Honeymoon 004

And here’s a photo of the treehouse we stayed in. ( which was fantastic.
Honeymoon 048

See: Full Honeymoon flickr set for more.

Dance wiv me

You know when you’re flicking through your camera and you see two shots that were taken in quick succession and it looks like a little animation and you sit there for a while making the people dance? No!? well I’m always at it. Thought I’d add some music to this one…


“What’s the point in asking me to draw a clown on your whiteboard if you’re going to run out of the room screaming!?”

clown, originally uploaded by jbraine.