Costa Rican Ricky

I was going to do a quick Photo Friday post and had a look through my flickr and came to this one:

Honeymoon 109b

But every photo has a story. That’s Ricky on the right, and his apprentice on the left. Ricky is a guide. He brought us through a Costa Rican jungle pointing out different insects, birds and animals. What you can eat, what can eat you, that kind of thing. Our very own Ray Mears. I absolutely loved it. Great day. The highlight of the honeymoon. Here’s some more pics from that day:

Honeymoon 002

Honeymoon 003

Honeymoon 004

And here’s a photo of the treehouse we stayed in. ( which was fantastic.
Honeymoon 048

See: Full Honeymoon flickr set for more.

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