street art

New Graffiti animation from Blu
Blu has released a new stop-motion graffiti animation. Each frame of this would stand up as decent graffiti. Yet its also an animation. Which is fairly amazing. I originally posted about Blu on my Graffiti 2.0 post and there's some...
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Inflatable sculptures
Here's some amazingly creative street art from Joshua Allen Harris. He makes shapes out of plastic bags and ties them to air vents above the subway. Watch what happens to this plastic dog when a train goes by underneath. (There...
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Graffiti 2.0
Light Graffiti Take some glowsticks, set a long exposure time on your camera, then start painting the air and what have you got.... Light Graffiti! Picasweb photoset from Donegal A Light Graffiti Flickr Set Various photos on Linkinn The Blue...
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