Graffiti 2.0

Light Graffiti

Take some glowsticks, set a long exposure time on your camera, then start
painting the air and what have you got…. Light Graffiti!

Graffiti Animation

First two videos are by Blu. Amazing stuff.
More pictures and videos at
The third one is at the side of a railtrack in Germany and the last is
Mark Ronson’s fantastic remix of Radiohead’s Just done by the
The Motion Group/Abbey Road Video Services.

Reverse Graffiti

The logical progression of fingering Wash Me on a dirty car.

Lots of photos on

Graffiti Illusionists

Three Dimensional Graffiti?

Ok this is pushing it. Not it’s exactly graffiti and I might as well start talking about stencilling and
Banksy but everyone and their dog knows about all that. Anyway I love
Mark Jenkin’s street art
and would love to have the time and the nerve to try something similar. If you like this, keep an eye on

One last link for the road .

It’s just good old 2D graffiti but as someone else put it, it’s like an illustrator got bored of working indoors.

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