DJ Bass video mashup

Remember the legendary DJ Bass from the Dublin Funk Collective way way back? He’s living in Las Vegas these days but here’s a recent video mashup he did. Good to see he’s still at it to some degree. Black eyed peas never sounded better!

Speaking of DJing, when I was moving recently I ended up rooting through my box of tapes from the attic and recorded/uploaded a few of mine. Might record upload other DJ’s at some stage. Here’s my 3:

April ’96 – lot’s of Detroit stuff, and non-banging techno

KissFM mix – Mix done for Keith Downey’s Pscyhonavigation show – quite chilled abstract techno / IDM / whatever you call it thee days

Al’s party – bit rough and ready, was just recorded at a friends party some night.

Recorded lots more but the quality was quite shit.

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