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Global E-Commerce fail

Rant, rave, fume, spit. I am so sick of web sites who say they deliver to Ireland, then don’t let you proceed without a valid UK postcode. This is 2008. Sort it out! Don’t make me fill out a big bloody form if it is not possible for me to proceed!

While I’m feeling ranty, I’m also sick of the number of things you just can’t seem to buy in this country. I seem to spend so much time looking for things that you can buy in any other country. If you have a valid postal code!

Screw you you’re first on the list. Yes I just might make a list.

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  1. Totally understand the frustration but can also understand why it’s not always possible to find an Irish supplier for every product. Commercial realities come into play.

  2. Damien. There’s no stopping it today!

    I hear ya AJ. No one’s fault on some stuff.

    Still I can’t believe how long it took us to catch up on some of the really basic stuff. Someone could have cleared up with some decent ie based online shops a few years ago.

    There’s still no competition over here for etc

  3. Oh AMEN! I rant about this on a daily basis, drives me nuts that there it’s so difficult to get things that are run-of-the-mill just a few miles across the water. Don’t get me started on Irish shops and services that don’t seem to list their details anywhere, let alone on the internet.

  4. @Claire Absolutely it’s only starting to get a bit better a few hudnred years after the invention of the internet.

    @Roy Yeah only the best!

    (Originally couldn’t have been more southern though)

  5. As a result of this mandatory postcode phenomenon, my poor sister in new york is getting bucketloads of junk mail from sites I’ve registered with….

  6. Thanks K8 must try that. On that one that sent me over the edge I tried a few. Even the postcode for house of commons but none of them seemed to work.

    xbox, on those registration site, I’m always from Afghanistan, or whatever the already selected country is. Do you know about ? It’s a great site for generating fake email addresses you only need to use once.