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A hero speaks

I can’t believe this only has 1000 or so views on youtube. Everyone should see this.  Michael O’Brien unleashes a heartfelt anger on questions and answers expressing the rage that the nation are feeling. I don’t think I could do this issue justice without resorting to spitting, fuming and cursing. I am absolutely outraged at every aspect of this. How does one organise a nationwide march? How the goverment and The Catholic Church in Ireland are dealing this will place them in history alongside the Holocaust.

Watch, vent, cry, pass on.

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  1. I had tears in my eyes watching this. Brave man. I wish we could do something about it. I’m fed up of all this shit being white washed. I want to get out and protest.

  2. What a powerful piece of footage by a very brave man. And it has over 35k hits now. More and more people are getting to hear about it.

  3. make that 57K views now. We had the unpleasurable experience of being in a church last weekend (ger’s wedding) – a bit too raw for my liking – a slight yelp out of Oscar gave me a good exucse to get the flock out and peruse the diocesan child protection policy leaflet…I kinda hope Hell does exist.

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