Rate My ISP exceeds 100 reviews

The broadband ratings site I built a while ago, www.ratemyisp.ie exceeded 100 reviews today.

Here’s the roundup:

Position ISP Reviews Rating out of 5
Top of the League Smart Telecom 7 4/5 stars
Second place Magnet 5 3.5 stars
Bronze medal BT 11 3.5 stars

Chorus NTL was top of the table for a while but slipped into 5th place. But with a hefty 14 reviews it deserves an honorable mention.

Eircom weighs in with the most reviews (19) but is 3rd from the bottom out of 12 ISPs.

Last horse in the race goes to 3 Broadband. They get 11 reviews and an overall rating of 1 star.

Someone from a particular ISP did try to leave 10 reviews in a row all with top ratings, which all got deleted. I since found out that it’s illegal for a company employee to pose as a member of the public like this. Naughty naughty.

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