Some favourite lyrics

“I got a letter from the government the other day, opened it, read it, it said they were suckers. They wanted me for their army or whatever. Imagine me giving a damn I said never.” – Chuck D

I’ve always loved that. Right “A nation of millions…” is a stone cold classic. No diggety, no doubt. One of the best albums ever made in my books. But I much prefer Martina Topley-Bird’s delivery on Tricky’s Maxinquaye. Maybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s just her. I’ve always thought she’s just about the coolest person on the planet. The words themselves always had a bit of relevance for me too. I grew up having three brothers in the armed forces, with everyone always asking me when I was joining. Which in no way was ever going to happen for every possible reason you can think of. Baa baa black sheep.

I’m not actually much of a lyrics person in general. I’ve always cared more about the music than the words. And I don’t know the lyrics to anything. I spent most of my life listening to electronic music, words were always secondary to how good it sounded. Unfortunately, Charlie Brooker thinks I should be “rounded up and throttled to death. By robots. With merciless strangling hands.” Sometimes the missus wants to throttle not just for singing the wrong words but for completely changing the message with my own made up lyrics. Why do 99% of lyrics have to be about f&cking relationships!? I never got that. There’s a million other things worth writing about. Like not joining your stupid army!


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