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It’s about time I got with the program and added a blogroll. So here’s most of the blogs I read in my feedreeder. If you don’t use a feedreeder, get with the program! Why go to the post office to get your letters, when you’ve got a postman to bring them to you. If you have a gmail account, the easiest thing to do is go to, and start subscribing to feeds. Or any blog or webpage just look out for a feed icon. If you want to see RSS explained further, here’s a simple video. Subscribe to my feed here.

Anyway, here’s most of the blogs that I’ve get in my feedreader & added to my blogroll…

Irish blogs

Annie Rhiannon

Just everyday comings and goings of a girl called Annie but I like her style. A very witty kitty.
And if you’re a movie buff check out Annie get your gun too.


Great photo blog, with the occasional insight into good photography tips and techniques.

Damien Mulley

Mostly technology news, which I don’t follow that much to be honest but there are lots of other interesting bits and bobs of fluff.

Twenty Major

Twenty mostly makes up stories about his imaginary mates and there’s also lots of good old down to earth rants about the idiots that live in and run this country.

Web design

Smashing magazine

This really is a great resource to subscribe to if you’ve any interest in web design. Lots of practical tips, advice and downloads.

A list apart

the first place to look for industry standard techniques. The regular features are great but it’s taken second place in my favourite web resources. Smashing magazine is just that bit more useful and to the point.

The designed tree

I’ve already given this a mention. The designed tree is an Irish based blog featuring well designed sites from around the world.

The Menace

Good Irish Web design blog, occasionally outing some of the many web design cowboys on the go at the moment. And I love the blog header.



If you haven’t checked out yet do it now. Play with some playthings and watch some videos. Then you’re allowed to have a look at his blog. Did I tell you how good his live show was?

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