Creation Party 2007

All worked out pretty well for me. Was dissapointed to be on first, at first but because of bus times etc a good crowd arrived pretty early. I mean good in both senses; friendly, up for it lively crowd. And because I was on first I got a half hour more than any other DJ, which still went by very quickly. Location was great too, I love the woods! And they had some sound system. I’m talking about a seperate tent just for the equipment and a seperate mixing desk with sound engineer kind of sound system. Apparently it was called to a halt at about 4am but I was back in Dublin by then after a generous offer of a lift, cheers Dor! It’s a pity the bizzies came because the place would probably have been properly cleaned up, if they weren’t forced out in a hurry.

Update/Edit: If you can’t see the photo slide show above, you can look at the photos on flickr. Also, turns out the place was left spotless anway. Good stuff!

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