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Hallelujah! It’s official. The final piece of documentation has arrived. “Dear Mr. Braine, I wish to inform you that your request to cease from membership of the Catholic Church by a formal act of defection has been recognised”.

I feel I should mark the occasion. Bookend the event with a special ceremony. An unwrite of passage. I know, I’ll buy an uncommunion suit and call around to my friends and neighbours, giving them cards with money inside so they can feel part of the celebration.

Or maybe just hold on to the money and drop into Cumiskey’s for a pint.

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  1. Interesting, this movement now. I can’t join in the fervour because I wasalways happily godless in the first place. The qustion is, what toreplace it with? We need ceremony, ritual, I believe. The Unitarian church does welcoming ceremonies… you don’t have to pretend to raise the child as christian, just promise to do the best job you can. I like that idea.

  2. I’ve been godless for a very long time but thanks to the guys I think there’s been more of a movement to make it official. I’ve always wanted to make it official but only knew one person who did so.

    Yeah we’ve done all our bizniz in the Unitarian church.That’s actually the tip Martin was referring too. We’ve had two naming ceremonies and a wedding there. And they’ve been really good. You can make the events your own so they’re something you can enjoy rather than drudge through.