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New site: Rate my isp

I’m definitely like a bus when it comes to blogging, have been quiet for a while and then 3 posts today. All my free time in the last week or so have been spent on building a new site: Our broadband isn’t great at all, so instead of asking the most frequently asked question on the Internet (in Ireland at least) I built a site. Was very surprised to find it didn’t exist yet. I’m quite often pipped to the post on a lot of ideas I have.

It’s still kind of in beta mode. I might completely change the homepage. And I might add a mobile broadband section. Any feedback appreciated. But I’d love if you could take a minute or two to add to the ratings and also spread the word.

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  1. Pure gold!!! Well done, this site’s really user-friendly. We’ll be shopping for broadband when we move house so this site has most definitely been bookmarked. Cheers, chuck.

  2. Thanks K8 / RP.

    Sovietpop. Yeah that’s a concern but I can moderate comments, I can delete comments/ratings and I can see where they are coming from before I can approve. I just have automated approval for now. Will see how it goes.