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Anna Braine

Quick post on phone from hospital. Anna Elizabeth Braine was born today at 4.44pm. Both girls are fine and we’re all over the moon. See flickr photo in sidebar.

Update: Some proper photos here:

Anna birth 036

Anna birth 029

Anna birth 035

Some more on Flickr:

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  1. John, absolutely delighted for you both. Wonderful, wonderful news.

    Put a big happy smile on my face right now. Congrats to all of you 😀

  2. I admit to stalking your sight for over a week now. Love the Cupid Bow lips on baby Anna! congrats to all of you.

  3. Wow – that’s a record number of comments round these parts! Thanks again everyone. The girls are coming home tomorrow. Time to crack open the bottle of champagne that’s somehow managed to survive on the mantelpiece for the last few months.