Count me out

A friend of mine became a hero when he told me the lengths he went to to officially leave the catholic church years ago. That makes it sound like he was a priest. Nope, the Church still count you as a catholic, regardless of the fact you have since started writing atheist, jew or jedi on your census form.

To be no longer counted as a catholic he had to jump through several hoops, being passed up the ranks from one dog collar to the next and eventually to an archbishop or bishop who told him to come back when he was 16, which he did, and eventually got stricken from the records!

Well now there’s a new web site to make the whole process much easier. Whoever set this up, you’re my new hero;

Count me out.

p.s. Have a think about the notion that they deemed him to young to make that decision at first. The hypocracy is stunning.

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