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A very short story

“He lifted her bloodied head – eyes gouged out, bedroom door ajar, then looked inside, prised the knife from her hand and repeated the act.”

I thought I’d have a go at a twitter sized (140 characters) short story during the week. Though I did get one WTF?! reply on Twitter, thankfully the Dublin homicide team didn’t smash the door down; recently a friend of a friend of…. twittered about smothering her daughter, very obviously joking and in context. Soon enough the LA cops were banging the door down. Yikes.

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  1. I regularly fantasise about peoples funerals. Thats when I know I have started to really care about them.

    We all have strange stuff going on in the noggin.

  2. Thanks folks, I think 🙂

    Darren I’m impressed you’re managing to leave loads of comments, you must have a huge reading list to get through after the hols.

  3. Feckin’ loads. I’ve spent 2 days reading posts and I still haven’t got the number in my reader down below 800. Madness!