Recruitment site fail

I often come across some really bad examples of interactive web sites. But some really stick their head above the paraphet and beg to be made an example of. If you go to, you are redirected to This site contains two iframes; one contains a sharewatch banner while the other loads the whole content from

Here’s the thing

This sharewatch page refreshes every 90 seconds. And when it refreshes, it reloads the homepage of loadzajobs. So no matter what you are doing, including filling out a form for a job or browsing the site, it goes back to the homepage every 90 seconds. Massive fail.

I made a query with loadzajobs (took two attempts to fill out the form). And just got a reply advising me to only go directly to So I guess it’s the other guys hijacking the site and making a major mess of implementing their hijack.

While on the subject, another recruitment site, occasionally have a banner ad with thunder crackling away! Bad enough that they have sound in a banner, tut tut! but cracking thunder underlining the doom and gloom while you search for a new job!? nasty!

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