Once upon a time in the midlands

I’m a big Shane Meadows fan. Even though he’s only made six films and I’ve only seen four. I’ve mentioned him once or twice before. Once Upon a Time in the Midlands is doing the rounds on Film4 so I got to see it last night. Surprisingly good considering a I heard it wasn’t as good as A Room for Romeo Brass. It’s a simple low budget brit flick. You know the type, an urban drama with a funny bits. It’s not really a comedy but I laughed out loud at this more times than at Will Ferrel’s entire back catalogue. Seems like Meadow’s signature joke is cramming big beefy gangsters into tiny ridicilous cars. We had a white stretched mini and a pink Reliant Robin last night. And if you’re paying attention at the back, you’ll find the Spaghetti Western references pretty funny too.

It’s got a great cast: Ricky Tomlinson married to Kathy Burke? Mint! and Rhys Ifans is hilarious as a wimpering boyfriend hiding from the hardman ex-husband, Robert Carlyle. Think Begbie, 10 years and 101bs later. It’s a classic tale pitching an exciting but troublesome wildboy against Tim, nice but dim. Not only as lover but as father too. And it was refreshing to see the daughter played by a normal little girl. Hollywood is awash with overly cutesy girls or too-grown-up-for-their-own-good type brats on a one way road to rehab.

Some great news: Meadows and Considine have got back together again for a film called Le Donk which is currently being edited. Wotcha!

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