A Prophet

Dear movie fans, I have a confession. I don’t like the The Godfather movies. Testosterone filled bollocks. We’re tough guys. We stand tall and talk funny, we hard men, we cave men, we cartoon characters. The way they kill people while making wiseguy wisecracks. Just a step away from James Bond, “Shocking.  Positively shocking.” Though that’s not quite it. I do enjoy a bit of wanton movie violence. But it just doesn’t work for me in The Godfather. I find all the hardman stuff a bit boring, and while we’re at it same goes for Al Pacino. Same boring character in every single movie. I don’t even like the sound of his voice.

And so, to the point! I saw The Prophet this week. Now that’s a gangster movie! Authentic. That’s  a word I find on the tip of my tongue a lot lately. Imagine what it would  be like to kill someone  for the first time. No, really. You’d be a total wreck, before and after. It’s  so refreshing to see that terror executed in a movie so well. And that’s just the start of it. Brilliantly authentic performance / script / direction  from start to finish.

It kind of reminded me of experiencing City of God for the first time. Both gangster movies, but they’re nothing alike aprt from leaving  you thinking, now that’s a fucking movie!

Maybe I just find all the american/italian gangster movies a bit cliché. I like Casino and Goodellas a bit better than The Godfather, and I love that Joe Pesci scene, but none of these movies would ever make any of my top lists they way they seem to on all the big movie fan lists.

That’s my kinda review! Have a rant about lots of other stuff and give the movie a wee mention along the way.

One more thing Columbo. This movie was all but ruined by some dickhead behind me. I don’t know if it was his knees or he had his feet against my seat or what but he kept rocking my seat. I thought of saying something but then I’d be the dickhead spoiling the movie. Instead I waited until it was over, shot him in both knees, then poked his eyes out with my thumbs, chortling as I left the cinema,  while his girlfriend screamed and tried to push his eyes back in.

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  • Reply nicola-t

    March 20, 2010, 12:54 pm

    Gotta say, A Prophet reminded me of City of God as well. Though, while I thought A Prophet was decent I do think City of God was vastly superior. I really must get around to seeing The Godfather trilogy sometime – this is the first time I’ve seen someone say they didn’t like it so it takes the pressure off having to think it’s great!

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