Wedding Photos

Two and a half years later I’ve finally rooted out all our wedding photos and stuck them on Flickr. Full collection is here.

Bride to be

Fi in the Rolls while I was on the LUAS!

DSC_0077 copy8x10
The ring bearer

DSC_0082 copy8x10
“You’re my wife now!”

Let the festival begin!

DSC_0065 copy12x5
Ballybeg House

Entering marquee

Inside the Marquee

My 30 second Speech!

The Ska ban, Special Brew

Our honeymoon tree house in Costa Rica

Costa Rican beach.

If you were at the wedding, and you’re on Flickr please add your pics to this group.

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  • Reply flossyla

    November 13, 2007, 9:05 pm

    i loved your wedding. I was suffering from the most dreadful hangover that morning thanks to a free booze staff outing the previous night. however the camping seemed to clear my head and i stayed dancing until 8 the next morning. thanks again for the wedding festival. I love that pic of you both coming into the marquee – tres romantic.

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