On my brief trip between Luas seat and office chair this morn I felt myself brimming with happiness and excitement. My head was fizzing with thoughts of foreign lands and strange new exciting people. And the adventure was afoot! What the fuck is wrong with me thought I? I know it’s Friday but I’m walking through a grey industrial estate. I should be Les Miserables.

Then it dawned on me these thoughts were just a hangover from the book I was absorbed in en route, Shantaram. Wow! Powerful stuff this reading business. Haven’t read a novel in ages. Non-fiction has been floating my boat for some time. Welcome back my old friends, Fantasy and Escape. I’ve missed you. But then I got to the canteen and had to stand behind some idiot for a whole minute as she stirred her coffee cup in that exact place where I needed to place my cup and scald my teabag. Argh! How stupid is that. Can’t you see I’m standing beside you with this cup for a reason? Wipe that stupid smile off your face , and get the fuck already! The swirling aromas of Bombay and dark eyes of mysterious girls flitted away and Grumpy Old Young Man was back with a thump.

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