A dolphin obituary

You know when a famous person dies and and there’s an outpouring of grief and respect, the odd RIP email here and there. Well there’s another 6 Billion of us, and growing, so who cares? It’s a much greater loss when a whole species disappears. It’s just insane. By a mere stroke of luck this little planet has managed to invoke life, many strange and beautiful forms of life. Yet some just pop out of existence forever. Very sad day when that happens. Slightly sadder when it’s such a unique creature as the baiji, a freshwater dolphin anomalous to the Yangtze river. This is the first aquatic mammal species to become extinct since either the Japanese Sea Lion or Caribbean Monk Seal, both of which became extinct in the 1950s. Baiji’s have been in existence for 25 Billion years and now they’re gone.

Fucking humans. I can think of quite a few I’d rather see go before a whole species.

  • Reply flossyla

    August 12, 2007, 3:35 pm

    it is a scary story – there were so many of the dolphins in the 50s. And now they are all gone. I find the rapid chinese evolution quite amazing. It’s like watching our last 100 years etc in fast forward mode. There seems to be so little respect for life animal, plant or human in the race to modernise. The human cost has been astounding. But then I think here I am being shocked at all of this behavour from my house with running water, electricity and broadband. It is a shame that in the race to catch up so much is being destroyed though.

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