Wacom Tablet

I’ve wanted one of these things for years but just never felt I needed one enough to splash out. So thanks to Liz, my very generous sis-in-law, sharing a bit of a windfall in the form Amazon vouchers I finally have one!

It nearly didn’t happen though because Amazon have stopped delivering electronics and other bits and pieces to Ireland. I won’t go into details but its been discussed at length on
Michele Neylon’s blog
. Mucho thanks to Eadaoin for the suggestion and execution of getting it delivered to family in the North and dropping it down to the Pale.

Anyway, I started messing about straight away. Didn’t really know what I was doing or wanted to do and it shows!

I think I prefer the thing I scribbled together in 3 minutes. It takes a bit of getting used to but it might be a better substitution for a mouse too. Although, the one annoying thing is that you end up holding the pen while you type. Anyway, Yeeeay new toy. I’ll be having lots of fun with this and it’ll make my graphical work so much easier. Thanks Liz!

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