Few new sites gone live:

A few of the dealer sites I did, have eventually gone live. I did these about six
months ago. Offices eh?

Moore’s Garage


Billy Barron Motorcycles

Billy Barron Motorcycles


Semi fluid layout, the navigation buttons resize as the browser window is resized.

Dogs box motorcycles


Another fluid layout, but this time the image on the homepage resizes depending no the size of the browser window.

Lee Motorcycles

Lee Motorcycles


Another fullscreen resizable layout.

Buckley Motorcycles


Hogan Motorcycles


Scotts bikes



This post would probably be more at home on homebug – but I’ll take the conch on this one – every morning I walk by Clerys on O’Connel street and wonder WTF are they thinking!? D’you ever see a big company do something very wrong and you can’t figure out why no one has told them yet? Or even more likely is that every body knows the blunder yet some middle-mismanagement or office politico prevents it from happening. So here’s the thing; they gutted the inside of the shop and got the decoraters in. Grand. Paid a small fortune no doubt. Yet Jo-walking-by-Soap wouldn’t know any different because their shop windows look like they’re still being decorated by the same dusty old window dresser for the last 30 years. They need to take a walk up Grafton street or rent a copy of Mannequin!

I spy with my little eye an opportunity to BIG UP one of my favourite dead artists, Giorgio de Chirico. He had a thing for mannequins you see. De Chirico is one of the few surreal artists who managed to capture the essence of dreams. People say that about Dali but his paintings were way too polished and detailed to vaguely resemble any dream. Chirico was a big influence to Dali, as well as Max Ernst, and Magritte to name a few, and some of them directly copied his Metaphysical style. Every time I see that tower from the LUAS, (somewhere between Windy Arbour and Cowper ), I’m reminded of his Nostalgia of the Infinite (below) even though they’re nothing alike. Actually I think every time I see a tower I’m reminded of it.

PSST! Pass it on.

Love this. Can you remember that childhood game you used to play where you’d fold a piece of paper in three, and one of you would draw the legs, then another the body, another the head? (Child hood game? Pretty sure I played that recently!)Well here’s a video version. PSST! Pass it on is a collaboration between different teams of designers, animators, directors and 3D artists. I love the end of the clip below.

Well worth going to the Pass it on website to see the new batch in hi res.


I’ve been working my arse off trying to get this LIFE site finished. It’s probably the best design I’ve done but I’m sick of the sight of it at the moment! There’s a lot of work to it – a member section, and a minisite that’s going to be used as a template for other chemists. I’m looking forward to getting it finished off and getting a full nights sleep!

However I did have a bit of fun earlier (which I’m paying for now because I’m dying to go to bed but have to get this site done). I scanned in a sketch that I did during the week and chucked it into a photo. I wanted to do something better with this – but for now here’s Zippy, the Wonder years.