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Three weeks to eternal damnation

I got the email below today. I wouldn’t give this the time of day and I couldn’t be arsed retorting but for the last line; too funny not to share. It’s the fine details that separate the common garden nutjob from the full blown total nutjob. I have exactly three weeks to decide.

from Concerned friend <>
to John Braine
date Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 4:29 PM
subject Contact From Your Website
You think you can insult Jesus and live to tell about it? He died for you, would do anything for you, is tryig to reach you and pull you from the emptiness, the sadness that is in your heart, yet you keep turning from Him and mocking him. He wants you to fall upon your knees and invite him into your heart before it is to late. You have exactly 3 weeks to decide. After that, you\’re fate is sealed and hell is real.

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  1. What on earth is that? Do you get many of those?

    I’m not sure I remember reading anything specific about Feb. 09 in the Bible, so this freakoid obviously has information that even Jesus decided not to share with us 🙂

  2. Oh sweet mama that is priceless! I bet you didn’t even know your heart was sad. (How can a oozy pump be sad?)
    And just 3 weeks to decide? How precise!

  3. >Do you get many of those?

    No I kinda made it sound like that didn't I? I got one anonymous mail before though "You think you;re great with your blog… etc".

    >I'm not sure I remember reading anything specific about Feb 09.

    3rd March 09 4:29pm to be exact 🙂 I think dragon wings will sprout from my back. Can't wait! Might ahve some kind of pagan celebration that morning.

    Hey Sharon. I hear ya! Those romantic films crack me up – when people say their heart physically aches.

  4. “You think you;re great with your blog… etc”.

    Ahem… can I pretend that I meant to add a [sic] in after you;re