Here’s a few videos that I’ve been trying to get online for over a week. They were out of sync on Youtube, and my own site wasn’t setup to stream video – but got there in the end.

  • The homunculus – *re-did music and sound from a film scene
  • For silence – Music video
  • Gaa-head – Guy gets his head kicked off with the help of motion synthesis software.

*When I say re-did I wasn’t commissioned for it or anything! Was just a college assignment from last year. One of the more enjoyable ones.

The God Delusion

I’ve pretty much given up novels in recent years. I’m a bit tired of fiction but I’ve recently got a great hunger for learning and information, not too uncommon in your thirties apparently. So I’ve been reading a lot of non fiction. Lots of art and design books. I just finished Leonardo Da Vinci: The Flights of the Mind. There’s a lot of Leonardo pap out there but this is a pretty thorough account of DaVinci’s life. But it was a bit too historical for me. I don’t really care where or when his mother was born or what she did – just get to the flying machines already! So, I did enjoy a lot of it but I found a lot of it pretty dry and it but it didn’t really hold my attention throughout.

But then I got a The God Delusion, another well chosen present, thanks missus! and in comparison it was a really enjoyable and fascinating read. Iwasn’t really that bothered about getting it- I’m a strong Athiest so I didn’t really need the spiel. I also got the impression Richard Dawkins might be a bit of a tough read, but he’s a really down-to-earth, fascinating, funny, and entertaining writer. He expressed a lot of my thoughts on the subject with far greater lucidity than I. There’s also some really fascinating stuff about why people ‘do’ religion, some really primal psyche stuff. On top of all that it’s just pretty re-assuring, I didn’t need to be assured about my beliefs but sometimes I feel like I’m in invasion of the body snatchers or something and everyone I know has been taken over by alien beings which make them believe in the most ridiculous of things. So it’s re-assuring to be in such good company.

Although I’ve a lot of strong personal politics, I’m pretty apolitical when it comes to professional party politics, but I feel more than ever now that I’d like to be a more active Atheist. Its one thing that I feel very strongly about. If there’s one thing I’d mention when politicians knock on my door its the separation of church from state. There’s a list of Atheist organisations at the back of Dawkin’s book but nothing for Ireland. How shit is that?

Which reminds me, I came across a really good blog a while ago called pharyngula. I was searching for something completely unrelated and stumbled across it and ended up reading loads. It’s not a strictly atheist blog but definitely leans that way. So, considering I came upon it by chance I was amused to see Dawkins give it a few mentions. I really want to read a lot more Dawkin’s books now, maybe the Selfish Gene. Any recommendations? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

New design, New blog

My old site was a pain to update within the restraints of its little boxes. Decided to join the blogging world with this site. Not sure who, if anyone, will be reading but in the very least its the easiest way to update the front page of a web site.

I never intended to actually use this yellow design, I was just messing around one night. But it’ll do for now and should be easier to just re-skin it.

I was trying to get this site/design finished before uploading but I’ve got a lot on at the moment, so it’s a work in progress, broken links all over the place and I haven’t checked it properly in other browsers yet. Still have to do a footer etc etc. Web design and music pages are fairly complete though.

I originally registered just for somewhere decent to put my web design portfolio while looking for a job but I’ve decided to keep and put up all my bits and pieces.