Randomized Interview Questions

New feature for Sonru, an automated job interview platform.


Our customers were concerned about candidates sharing interview questions with each other, and wanted a solution to help prevent that.


  • We designed a system that would allow a long list of questions to the interview, with a switch to always show question or include in random pool.
  • The number of questions shown was then limited by overall time.
  • Questions could also be loaded from a categorized question library

1. Research

  • We ran a workshop with some clients and stakeholders and came up with the idea of a Randomized Question Library, so that candidates would always see different questions.
  • The engineering team estimated this project as an 8 month project, which put the project a the of a list of large projects
  • When I looked at the basic requirements, I narrowed the scope and found a way to build onto our existing system rather than build a completely new question library.
  • The key customers effected most, were very satisfied with the solution and quick turnaround. The project cost was reduced by about at least 87%.

2. Wireframe sketches

This was one of those projects where all the work was in the *design thinking*. Once I came up with the solution, the UI was fairly obvious but having a paper wireframe always makes the prototyping easier.

3. Hifidelity Prototype

Because this was adapting an existing screen, I went straight to hi-fidelity prototyping.

Video capture of the Prototype


Thanks for viewing. You can also check out the interactive prototype…