Live Video Interview

New Live Video Interview feature for Sonru, an automated job interview platform.


Our existing platform facilitated (non-live) automated interviews. When Covid19 hit, our customers wanted a way to carry out live interviews with potential candidates. This was an emergency Minimum Viable Project that we needed to build fast.


To keep things simple, the client-side set up was all done on one page; adding candidates, scheduling, and reviewing past candidates. On the candidate side, the interface was clean and minimal, and designed for desktop, tablet & a new mobile app.

1. Research

There was a bit of a panic on this one. Some people wanted to rush it out the door without properly kicking the tyres on the prototype, and others wanted to release a product that was so bare of functionality that it would have been an Minimum Product, but not Viable. Had to fight my case that the reason the build usually goes so smoothly and quickly is because we usually spend time solving all the problems in the design phase/

Research steps:

  • Researching similar design patterns for live video interviewing
  • Getting further feedback from clients on what could pass as a Minimum Viable Product

2. User Flow

3. Wireframe sketches

As usual paper wireframes helped us generate requirements quickly, and figure out what may or may not be in scope for an MVP product.

4. Prototyping

I (nearly) always start with greyscale low fidelity prototypes and get stakeholder feedback, and try and nail down the flow and interactions before finally advancing the prototypes to hi-fidelity…

4. Final Design

Final build was pretty close to the prototypes

  1. Interview creation screen
  2. Live interview – desktop


Thanks for viewing. You can also check out the interactive prototype…