Memrise 100 Dublin Streets explainer

I created a course on Memrise called 100 Dublin streets. Here’s an explainer:

What’s Memrise?
A site that makes it very easy to memorize lists of items. It’s good for learning languages but also Trivia like learning all the capitals of the world.

It starts by showing you Flashcards



And then what?
Then it will test you on what you’ve learned. More frequently at first. Then the tests go farther apart until the item is in your long term memory.



Big deal. Is that it? 

No. What memrise is really good at is that it provides an extra crutch to help memorise things which is great if you’ve a bad memory. It uses mnemonics  called “mems”.  You can add you own or use other people’s mems.


And why did you create a course for Dublin streets? 

Because I’ve a head like a sieve, and  I’m particularly bad at names of streets for some reason. And I was sick of forgetting the names of various streets. Now I know them all!

I see. Anything else?

There are 9 levels. It starts with the really easy streets that everyone knows, even me! just to get you warmed up, you can always ignore these, there is an ignore button. It starts getting a little bit more interesting by level 3.


Give it a go. Memrise is free. And you can set up an account very quickly.

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