Open, by Andre Agassi (Audiobook)

I heard a lot of good things about Open, Andre Agassi’s autobiography. And right from the opening pages I thought wow, this is great. Agassi is a really good writer, with interesting thoughts, and a fascinating life, which makes for a perfect autobiography; a fascinating insight into a someone’s life full of little nuggets of life lessons they’ve learned.

I have to admit, as someone with no interest in sport I did get a little bit bored with the tennis bits occasionally, and overall felt that it could have been shortened. Some of the tennis stuff got so repetitive, for me, that I didn’t even notice when I had accidentally skipped a huge chunk of the audiobook. I only noticed the great leap when he started talking about girlfriends again and he was suddenly with Stefi Graf, and not Brook Shields.

What also makes this a brilliantly essential autobiography are some startling revelations, not least of which, revealed from the very start, is that Agassi has despised tennis all his life and was driven to tennis stardom by a father who cared of nothing else but to have a tennis champ for a son.


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