I tried signing up to Netflix yesterday and got an error “We are unable to start your Netflix membership with the information you provided. Please contact Netflix Customer Services 1800 94 86 16.” I rang the number and got a crazy over-friendly robotic american who asked me where I was calling from:

– Ireland
– Oregan?
– No, Ireland
– Arlington?
– *Slowly* I R E L A N D
– *Slowly* A R L I N G T O N?
– No, I R E L A N D! It’s this little country in Europe right beside the UK, you know, where the leprechauns come from?
– Oh! A I R L A N D? Very good sir, our technicians will definitely look into that straight away. Please check back soon, and sir? YOU MAKE SURE AND HAVE A GREAT DAY NOW!

Still getting the error today.

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