Paranormal Activity

Wow. Just watched Paranormal Activity and found it genuinely scary. First time in years I can remember being scared by a horror. I even found myself getting anxious and short of breath every time a night time scene started.

To a large extent, horrors just stopped being scary for me after I had stopped believing in absolutely anything supernatural, including God and The Devil and many underlying notions of that type that give horrors some grounding. I heard mixed feelings about it on the Kermode podcast with some people finding it really scary and others who didn’t.

I’ve only seen the trailer below for the first time which probably builds it up a bit too much. But it really hit a bone with me for some reason. Maybe it helps to watch it on your own in the dark in the right frame of mind. That shaky camera stuff really works for me too. If you found Blair Witch at all scary, you’ll get a kick out of this.

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  • Reply Johnathon Shelby

    September 25, 2010, 12:12 am

    Hello John,

    I am writing to you in relation to you atheist position on existance. Does your atheist stance preclude you from beliving in a “spirit realm” to be blunt. Or more precisley an energy vibration which may operate at a different octave than the one we occupy? Have you studied any quantum physics lately? Well in a nutshell, science is now saying that the base level of creation is consciousness and that the observed can not come into existance without the observer. I suppose my question to you is this, does your body create your consciousness or does your consciousness create your body (and you existance). google quantam stuff and have your mind blown, if you havent already.
    Or, are you just meat acting out evoloution.

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