HIP HOP. Is there anything like it for sheer bloody awesomeness? For all the fantastic things it’s given us? Every day I worship at the altar of Hip hop in some small part. There’s no other musical culture that comes close to it in everything amazing stuff it’s coughed out of its guts. People missed the second coming. It wasn’t Jesus. It was the holy trinity of Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaattaa. You’ve just got to stand back and look at it now and then and go wow. Well I do. Apart from the music itself, the list of absolutely amazing things that just keep developing from it’s roots more than 30 years later is staggering; turntablism, beatboxing, breakdancing, rap battles, graffiti. And all of these still developing and splitting of into other wonderful things.

I don’t think there’s been a movie to catch the vibe of it all since WILDSTYLE. I’ve heard people say it’s a rubbish movie but that would be completely missing the point, the acting is rubbish but it’s an amazing documentary.

There. I just wanted to say that. HIP HOP is fucking amazing. And I vote for Beardyman as president of the world. Here’s a youtube playlist I just put together showcasing a mere fraction of it’s awesomeness.

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