“Good sense of humour”. Bit of a pointless phrase really isn’t it? What people actually mean is “someone with the same sense of humour as me”. Which could be anything:

  • Someone with really wry dark sense of humour?
  • Someone who makes silly dad jokes at every opportunity?
  • Someone who loves tasteless jokes?
  • Someone who laughs out loud when they see Eddie Murphy in a fat suit?
  • Someone who laughs out loud at pre-movie ads in the Cinema?
  • Somehow who ROFLS at  a clip of someone falling off a rope-swing crossing a river?
  • Someone who thinks crazy talentless people on talent shows are funny
  • Or even someone who thinks its funny to write a blog post dissecting frequently used but pointless phrases?

There’s no such thing as a good sense of humour. Your good is my bad.

Same with music*. When you say someone has a great taste in music, what you really mean is they have the same taste in music as you.

*And pretty much anything else; Call the press, hold the headlines, someone on the Interweb has discovered that the word ‘good’ is subjective.

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