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Beating RSI

Looks like this is promote my own sites week; after a long lull www.beatingrsi – practical tips for beating rsi is now up to a gargantuan total of 20 posts!

  1. Stop clicking; Use Launchy
  2. Save your arms with macros and automation
  3. Evoluent vertical mouse
  4. Goldtouch split keyboard
  5. The daily routine
  6. Pain relief
  7. Mini keyboard experiment
  8. Walk the dinosaur
  9. Powerball
  10. Arm lifts
  11. Keyboards
  12. Wall angels
  13. Lumbar roll
  14. Dr Pascarelli’s guide
  15. Mousetool
  16. Windows accessibility
  17. Nodding dog
  18. Monitor height
  19. Workrave
  20. Water
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