The Whistleblower

I don’t really like dramas any more. I find them all a bit dissapointing. Specially crime dramas, or anything that’s supposed to be suspenseful. They pin everything on the twist which bores me senseless. “Never mind the first 59 minutes. Let’s blow their minds in the last minute with an ending these braindead morons would never ever guess“. Yawn. Though when it comes to crime dramas Cracker was a cracker. And I’m currently loving The Wire as much as everyone else.

Anyway – I ended up watching The Whistleblower last night. Christ! I haven’t seen such blatent physical violence with intention to infuse hatred and anger since that snuff movie Mel Gibson made. I could barely watch as the evil-looking Doctor Neary ripped out body parts from young women. They were only short of giving him an evil laugh as he ripped out womb after womb. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be incensed on this occasion – but Christ on a bike covered in thorns and battered to an inch – that was a bit much. The second part is on tonight if you fancy some good old Hammer Horrors blood and guts.

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