Somers Town

Got home last night with no keys, and her indoors wasn’t indoors. So that’s me off on a me-date, woohoo! Straight down to the cinema for something that ‘looks good and starts soon’. Shane Meadow’s latest, Somers town is just about to start, score!

Movie over. Ring Ring. Missus still out. Oh no, I’ll have to continue the me-date. Straight in to one of those little Chinese places on Parnel street for Pork and Chinese beer. Poor me. Ring Ring. She’s back. Doh! So I don’t get to end the me-date with a pint and a Crossaire.

Somers town is nice enough. It’s about a teenage runaway down from the midlands who befriends a lonely Polish boy. And they both want to get into the knickers of a gorgeous French waitress. It’s low-key, low-budget, low-script. It’s exactly how you would expect it to be. Doesn’t pull the same punches as This is England or Dead Man’s Shoes. But it’s not trying to. It’s a lot quieter and quite funny in places.

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