Irish Blog Awards

That time of year again. The Irish Blog Awards. I went last year because The Missus was nominated for best personal blog, as she is again this year (well, she’s on the long list), congratumalations. It was a good laugh last year, no one one took it very seriously, and they seemed like a really good bunch of people. Was kind of the icing the cake for me to decide blogging.

The long lists are now out. One of the more interesting lists of nominations is best post. My favourite’s so far are the most exclusive prison cell in the world and Top 5 Scary Moments – #1. At the time, I can remember enjoying Fuck off Katy French, and she did.

Glad to see everyone I nominated on various lists including The for best design blog. The rest are kind of usual suspects, so I won’t mention them all.

Ooh look, I’m at the bottom of the very long long list of best newcomers, ha!

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