Amusing blog stuff in newspapers this week

There have been a couple of amusing articles in the papers this week about blogs that I read. First of all, just who hasn’t written about Pat Kenny being a total plank? Grandad’s post about the exact same clip a while ago was pretty funny. Graham Linehan’s Why That’s Delightful blog isn’t much different . Albeit comic genius that he is, his blog is still fairly down to earth… waffling away like the rest of us about random stuff. So I think it’s hilarious to see such a po-faced article in the Independent about “Chat kingKenny letting the country down” quoting the post in detail.

Limmy’s show was one of the best at last year’s Fringe. And I really enjoyed his ‘magic pen sketch’. Have a look at the recorded version before reading on…

Then, in this week’s Sunday Mail, there’s an article about the clip. And it turns out, the newsreader really was doing a magic trick on the sly. Hilarious! Original Pengate post.

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