Couple of Google Reader tips

Came across a couple of Google Reader tips last night. Or rather, they magically appeared in my Google Reader inbox:

1. Add a dynamic blogroll directly from google reader

This is very handy, and very easy to do. You can add a blogroll to your blog that mirrors folders in your Google Reader. This means that I can maintain my blogroll without going near Blogger. And that’s always good news. Obviously you can leave out whole folders and still retain privacy where needed. Of course I only discovered this a week after doing a blogroll by hand. See how atOfficial Google Reader Blog.

2. Integrate your Google Reader into Gmail

This is just one feature in Lifehacker’s Better Gmail Firefox extension.

You can set up Google reader to appear under your emails or/and have a link in your sidebar so you can flick between email and feeds.And if you like your shortcuts don’t miss out on Gmail macros.

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