Love it or hate it?

Don’t mean to start any brown-tonguing here but I was reading the always-amusing annie rhiannon blog and one of the comments reminded me how much of a fence-sitter I am on lots of things. Whenever someone says “you either love it or hate it/him/her” I think nope definitely neither love nor hate. Bono? Nope, don’t love him or hate him. Have always found U2 to be pretty MOR, but that’s another fettle of kish. Southpark? Now that’s a popular one for the love/hate brigade but, nope, I like it now and then, can be really funny and on the button but those voices just get on my tits sometimes. No love or hate there. I can’t remember any of the other things I neither love nor hate so I’ve had a look to see what google thinks I should love or hate.

A ‘controversial’ statue of Jesus. Love or hate? Could care less more like. looks like a pretty good craftmanship but I don’t extly want to shag it.

Katamari (Playstation game)- Ok I’m a bit too honest for my own good sometimes but I had a go of this before and…yep… loved it! And I’ve just been looking for somewhere that I can buy it. Somewhere that’s not Amazon. Moving on swiftly.

An album called Drag it up by The Old 97’s ? No I’ve never heard of them either but I listened to a few tracks on Amazon and they just sound alright to me. They’re not exactly firing up emotions as powerful as love or hate.

How about some movies…

Scrooged according to one reviewer. Gimme a break, it’s a light-hearted Christmas farce, how could anyone love it or hate it?

The Rocky Horror picture show Nope. I like it. Standard fare to use the love/hate cliche for any cult movies innit? But not always true. Not for em anyway.

I found a whole list of ‘love or hate’ movies. Napolean Dynamite: Like. Royal Tenenbaums: Like but definitely not love. Kill Bill: Alright but pretty forgettable for me . Gimme Jackie Brown or Pulp any day. Lost in Translation: Really liked it but didn’t love it. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind: Ouch got me again. Love it to bits. At the same time, I’m glad to be reminded I’m not completely passionless!

Now here’s one that definitely gets me some points back. Banner advertising according to this guy. Who the fuck would love banner advertising? You either hate it or, let’s see, really really don’t like it.

Similarly, I’m a bit of fence-sitter on a lot of issues. I think fence sitting is a wise option on some things. It’s those nutters who think they have everything figured out, are 100% right, think everything is black or white, and think they have to convince everyone to of their beliefs. They’re the ones that worry me. Priests, Pro-lifers, Preachers and Pricks.

I must try some marmite. I might just like it.

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