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  1. oops didn’t realise you were ’round these parts so long Red. Sure you’ve already seen the elephant pants.

  2. I grew up beside a pig farm – does that mean I should have some sort of immunity?

    Just in case I had better take 2.

  3. Lottie. I held on to a box for you – your immunity is outta date!

    Xbox – Ha! 4 people made the exact same comment in different places 🙂 (twitter, facebook etc)

    Heard you getting interviewed by the plank by the way. Sounded great – was expecting it to go on for longer though. Gobsmacked that he ended the show with those comments from other people!! Well done though.

  4. That’s funny, says a lot about public opinion at the moment.

    I hadn’t paid much attention to the length myself, but I did feel a few things were moved on from rather abruptly and others weren’t touche don at all.

    He was very complimentary just before we went on air, so I won’t hear a bad word said about him 😉