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UI design disaster

The worst piece of user interface design that I struggle with on a daily basis; the NTL remote.

It has nine number buttons, so you should be able to press one of them to see one of the first 9 channels, no argument. But no - you have to hit 1-0-1 to get to the first channel.

Why do the numbers on the decoder have to start with 101!? Why can't they start with 1? And if they have to start with 101 why doesn't the remote start with 101!? Surely this is the most basic of common sense?

And why can't I just hold the plus and minus buttons to go up and down? Why do have to press them 50 fucking times to go through 50 fucking channels of shit?

Piece of shit.

Piece of RSI-enducing shit.


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  1. I have one of the newfangled NTL controllers. Similar issues but mid surf it will just decide to head back to 101 and that infomercial with that prick who tells you all about how great NTL is. God I hate him.

  2. have you set the ‘favourites’ channels? This limits the amount of shit you have to cycle through using the +/- buttons – I think you do it with the yellow button.

    Telly expert.

  3. I assume you’re having your own UI disaster Dave?

    Leeroy, you’re scaring me off upgrading my NTL.

    Dor, yep I have the favourites set. That’s handier alright. It’s more the pressing the plus every time instead of just holding it down that kills the oul arms.

    Anyone mouse over the photo of the remote by accident? Yes I had too much time on my hands for about 7.3 minutes last night.