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  1. Tufte says “Don’t use yourself as a model when drawing willys – make it at least half the size so it’s more realistic to the general populace.”

  2. Jaysus, I try to get a break from all that poking and prodding and self humiliation and I land here (via your missus’ site) only to find more of the same on the top post!

    For what it’s worth I’ll (we’ll rather) be picking up a copy of that book asap over here.

  3. Hi x-box. I usually leave all that to the missus. So normal service wil lbe resumed. I’m going to ahve a good rummage around you blog as soon as I have a chance. Looks good!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was changed by that book. 🙂
    It was worth doing the masters just for it alone.

  5. Hey Eman! Yeah that book has coloured pretty much everything I’ve done since. I also recommended it as a leaving present for a friend of a friend who was starting the course last year. Great piece of work.