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A real Chuck Norris fact

Voting is now open for the New Humanist’s bad faith awards. I think Chuck Norris is a clear winner. He said if he was a president he would tattoo an American flag with the words ‘In God we trust’ on the forehead of every atheist. What a cock. Though you’d be tempted to dismiss him as a looney and give it to that other cock who thought the summer’s floods were God’s punishment for Britain’s liberal attitude to homosexuality.

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  1. What is it with your site and the text disppearing? Been an issue with teabagging and wallpaper and I read chuck norris and now the text has disppeared!!! d

  2. I only noticed this comment now. (I usually get notified). That’s odd odd about the text missing. I didn’t know that. What browser are you using? Has it happened since?